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Monday, 27 June 2011

Threading in the Dark

Aaaahhhh, Nepa!!!! Well how many times did you hear that today? If you its either you are presently not in Nigeria or you are not in 9ja! Yes not in 9ja means you are locked somewhere in which the tentacles of Nepa does not reach(my village) or you are stay in a an area where another means of eletricity is used! The funny thing is even when light goes off in your solar-powered building or wherever, the first thing that comes to mind NEPA!!! It is not certain, but Nepa might be amongst the first words most children in Nigeria get to learn. Nepa might be the only body who has changed its name but it continues being called Nepa maybe because we have learnt not to expect power always!
It is only in Nigeria that Law-makers will allocate funds for purchasing of torch-lights! Are you laughing? well Nokia too. That is the exact reason why torch-lite phones or Tee-series as I call them are bestsellers in Nigeria. Darkness will scare most people in other parts of the world but a true Nigerian will go through this without complaint considering even prisoners in civilised nations are not subdued to this! It is something we experience everyday so what is the big deal! Imagine,last week, a Nigerian act, Ikechukwu "Killz" tweeted that  the power supply in Washington went off (maybe because they were Nigerians having a Conference or was it a meeting? closeby.) Are we that attractive to darkness?

Light overcomes darkness, though the Power holders are trying so hard to prove that wrong! It is now so annoying all you see and hear on Commercials are Fridges that last longer with no light, other options of generating electricity etc. Our being called the Giant of Africa is more like a kick in the butt to the African Continent. Such a pity we are living far below the standards set by our Heroes past.

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