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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

State of mind

And its that point when I do not know if it is too late to say happy new year or if na to troway face abi una no get calendar for house?
Its been ages, Yes, but boiz haff been hustling,ASUU is making life extra difficult sef,pocket money allocation has been scrapped by the "Federal government, and try complaining you'll hear "Sharaap, are you not at home? What have you done today? You have single handedly finished my food, look at my freezer....EMmmmPppty!!!" It haff do me jare. To think of it, its the time to occupy somewhere, anywhere! We can start from the kitchen to the Minister of Education's office, Some people go campaign finish occupy twitter sha! My class rep is somewhere washing nappies now sef, most likely he'll open a dry-cleaning agency if ASUU allows the strike to continue, call it diversifying.
House sef don tire me, the malls na same faces we dey see everyday, dude, na pictures you dey come snap? Thank God petrol is #97 if not I can not imagine how you jog from Karu to Central Area. I remember the first week of this year,even person wey dey work for Department of Petroleum Resources(DPR) dey complain because his wife wanted to show off their latest entry. "Honey, let us visit my family in Kaduna" woman,  my car has a V12 engine! As if she knows what a V12 engine is. Do not get me wrong, women know loads about cars but not this one! How person go call you honey, you reply with woman? Only JEG could do that. I am going to make sure I have nothing to say about JEG, that is a topic that would make sure you guys do not see me in a year or two... they will surely disconnect my Internet connection this time and send me back to my village to drink garri with fish and plenty palmwine. I will not complain because I am certain the Concert will come alive and he would be forced to bring me back thanks to my Pastor friend. Problem go dey sha because which roads would I pass through to keep me away from our Police infested roads (aka Highway Patrol), I might just be mistaken to be Kabiru Sokoto, collect better beating first then find myself in Abuja. My transport would have been subsidised by government. I might as well still benefit from subsidy or should I call this one a palliative? It is very funny how the Federal government has turned into Use of English lecturers giving us new words every semester! Ah, we can not complain, they do not strike!
  Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and have become part of my small family. I am trying to get the job of being the Chief Gardener in Aso Villa, I hope my resuscitating my little garden would help facilitate my cause. I dey diversify into grass farming sector,200 million no be beans.