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Sunday, 11 September 2011


No stars in the skies, most likely we'll have some heavy rainfall this night... I was rushing back home from visiting a friend. It was just a stone-throw from my place so I stepped  in, made myself comfortable and completely lost account of time! It had been a very long time since I visited so it was certain  I was not going to leave early,no matter the excuse. A nice movie on the television, loud music  and we were discussing in all that chaos. A few other friends had joined us so was much more fun, drinks,sure alcohol,snacks and no particular person was paying atention to anything! This was fun after a very busy week, the ups and downs of work was getting to me so why not unwind, besides tomorrow is Saturday, oh how I love the weekends. More sleep, time to have fun and catch up with my friends online.
Chilax, ah, lets have fun,I was gisting,dancing,games were coming up and well the time consciousness was completely forgotten. Besides my house is justa few blocks away and as it seemed I was more like amongst the Hosts now. It was getting quite late but no one really cared, maybe the alcohol's effect was setting in more than we thought... More noise, neighbours were complaining but who really cared, their turn is tommorrow,besides we won't stop you from joining us!!! Then NEPA striked, choi, why now and hisses was on virtually everyone's lips and then someone checked his watch.... 2AM!!!! JESUS,it cant be true, we've not been here for that long  nah,someone else confirmed then the rush began. Shit, where's my shoe, AH, hold-on abeg, lets walk together since we are on the same route, we'll keep each other company. Oga, abeg lock your door oh, we don dey go, rang in the air, was a nice outing but now my bed was all I could see! I had strolled for a while then I noticed I forgot my room keys in my friend's house so I had to rush back alone, I hope this guy has not slept off oh, where would I sllep now if he has, why didnt I just follow the bunch, surely there would be space somewhere for me to crash. GBA GBA GBAA GBAAA... SKILLZ open the gate oh,!!!  Dude you just got lucky, had almost slept off he said, gimme my key joor, I collected them and hurried off, was so dark seeing buildings was a problem, I could only navigate the path cos it was a road I was very familiar with.
Stop there, I said STOP, MOVE I SHOOT!!! Hian,which one be this oh, Mr Man, were you planning on running? the voice asked and seemed quite close.... From where? one question after the other,seemed he didnt care for reply, should I make a run for it? I sure do have a better knowledge of the scape so....but wait,he said shoot,does he have a gun,who knows, might be bow and an arrow or even catapult... this  was not the ideal weekend I forsaw minutes ago oh, where do I start explaining to this man that am a law-abiding citizen who lost account of time, then the giggle, oh shit, that's Tara, haba, were they also stopped, now Akin was laughing too,could that voice had been Tolu's,yeah, that's what they called him. They all emerged from behind the big rock by the path and screamed we got ya, happy birthday!!! Apparently, my key was removed from my jacket to ensure I went back to Skillz place and NEPA did not actually take the light, an Engineer was employed to throw the whole area into darkness........... AH, I should have known,how did I even forget it was my birthday?