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Sunday, 11 September 2011


No stars in the skies, most likely we'll have some heavy rainfall this night... I was rushing back home from visiting a friend. It was just a stone-throw from my place so I stepped  in, made myself comfortable and completely lost account of time! It had been a very long time since I visited so it was certain  I was not going to leave early,no matter the excuse. A nice movie on the television, loud music  and we were discussing in all that chaos. A few other friends had joined us so was much more fun, drinks,sure alcohol,snacks and no particular person was paying atention to anything! This was fun after a very busy week, the ups and downs of work was getting to me so why not unwind, besides tomorrow is Saturday, oh how I love the weekends. More sleep, time to have fun and catch up with my friends online.
Chilax, ah, lets have fun,I was gisting,dancing,games were coming up and well the time consciousness was completely forgotten. Besides my house is justa few blocks away and as it seemed I was more like amongst the Hosts now. It was getting quite late but no one really cared, maybe the alcohol's effect was setting in more than we thought... More noise, neighbours were complaining but who really cared, their turn is tommorrow,besides we won't stop you from joining us!!! Then NEPA striked, choi, why now and hisses was on virtually everyone's lips and then someone checked his watch.... 2AM!!!! JESUS,it cant be true, we've not been here for that long  nah,someone else confirmed then the rush began. Shit, where's my shoe, AH, hold-on abeg, lets walk together since we are on the same route, we'll keep each other company. Oga, abeg lock your door oh, we don dey go, rang in the air, was a nice outing but now my bed was all I could see! I had strolled for a while then I noticed I forgot my room keys in my friend's house so I had to rush back alone, I hope this guy has not slept off oh, where would I sllep now if he has, why didnt I just follow the bunch, surely there would be space somewhere for me to crash. GBA GBA GBAA GBAAA... SKILLZ open the gate oh,!!!  Dude you just got lucky, had almost slept off he said, gimme my key joor, I collected them and hurried off, was so dark seeing buildings was a problem, I could only navigate the path cos it was a road I was very familiar with.
Stop there, I said STOP, MOVE I SHOOT!!! Hian,which one be this oh, Mr Man, were you planning on running? the voice asked and seemed quite close.... From where? one question after the other,seemed he didnt care for reply, should I make a run for it? I sure do have a better knowledge of the scape so....but wait,he said shoot,does he have a gun,who knows, might be bow and an arrow or even catapult... this  was not the ideal weekend I forsaw minutes ago oh, where do I start explaining to this man that am a law-abiding citizen who lost account of time, then the giggle, oh shit, that's Tara, haba, were they also stopped, now Akin was laughing too,could that voice had been Tolu's,yeah, that's what they called him. They all emerged from behind the big rock by the path and screamed we got ya, happy birthday!!! Apparently, my key was removed from my jacket to ensure I went back to Skillz place and NEPA did not actually take the light, an Engineer was employed to throw the whole area into darkness........... AH, I should have known,how did I even forget it was my birthday?

Friday, 5 August 2011


Omo na Don Jazzy cause am sha..... Have you heard my own version of Enigma?
Eni..... what? Choi, dulling boy, Don Baba dropped a new beat and trust your boy naa... I killed it!!! When you turn Musician sotey Don Jazzy don sign you,I asked with my mouth open, oh its only a competition with 2000 dollars as prize money. Haaaa, no wonder,so Ekene as yahoo yahoo no pay na so you join music? Meanwhile since when did you start singing..... Haba Nuel, no dey stroke me like this nah, you na my guy, wetin you want make others talk? Meanwhile as my guy, na you be the first person to hear am! Now I have "dead". Oya let us play it nah, increase the volume so your neighbours go feel my flow..... Ekene, since when you start dey flow join? Wait lemme listen to it first oh! See see, guy you've not even heard it and.... Oya sorry, but my neighbours dey write exams so it will not be loud please.
"Av always wanted to say, Na Who Do da beat oh, Don Baba Jay, incase you don't know, this is my first time in the studio..... Pause  that thing, my guy have you submitted? Nuel listen and shutup!  Oga sorry, play it.
"I guess am big meat" na like that Rick Ross talk am abi? "This 2000 dollaz na me go get am, any other rapper try me, he go break arm" Hia, omo your flows too tight oh! Mehn you get talent like this you no talk since? Ehm, that na why come nah, know you will like it.... ehm, wetin dey be sey we never mix am, auto-tune go join sef, you will like it but abeg borrow me 2000 make we add money go mix am! Eh, you never submit? I want to remix it, got new lines after my studio section...gimme when Don Jazzy pay me, you will get your money! How much you want again, 2000 dollars abi naira, well E no dey,wetin dey be say if na 2000 dollars, Don Jazzy go give you and if na 2000 naira, omo comot outside, I get 8 o'clock paper!!!!!!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Threading in the Dark

Aaaahhhh, Nepa!!!! Well how many times did you hear that today? If you its either you are presently not in Nigeria or you are not in 9ja! Yes not in 9ja means you are locked somewhere in which the tentacles of Nepa does not reach(my village) or you are stay in a an area where another means of eletricity is used! The funny thing is even when light goes off in your solar-powered building or wherever, the first thing that comes to mind NEPA!!! It is not certain, but Nepa might be amongst the first words most children in Nigeria get to learn. Nepa might be the only body who has changed its name but it continues being called Nepa maybe because we have learnt not to expect power always!
It is only in Nigeria that Law-makers will allocate funds for purchasing of torch-lights! Are you laughing? well Nokia too. That is the exact reason why torch-lite phones or Tee-series as I call them are bestsellers in Nigeria. Darkness will scare most people in other parts of the world but a true Nigerian will go through this without complaint considering even prisoners in civilised nations are not subdued to this! It is something we experience everyday so what is the big deal! Imagine,last week, a Nigerian act, Ikechukwu "Killz" tweeted that  the power supply in Washington went off (maybe because they were Nigerians having a Conference or was it a meeting? closeby.) Are we that attractive to darkness?

Light overcomes darkness, though the Power holders are trying so hard to prove that wrong! It is now so annoying all you see and hear on Commercials are Fridges that last longer with no light, other options of generating electricity etc. Our being called the Giant of Africa is more like a kick in the butt to the African Continent. Such a pity we are living far below the standards set by our Heroes past.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

I am MAD!!!

Me mad,eh mad? Son of man has acceptedit.Yes, you guessed right! Well you made me say it. I said I am MAD! It is high time I let it out, some people will be happy am making this confession but I can't help it! I have held it in for so long so I better say it now! Nuelnonny is mad and happy, are you? I hear a "hater" saying amen and I echo that! I am mad not like most people but I have my special type of madness! I know some people are getting disappointed. Yes Nuelnonny is mad but only in the sense of "making a difference"!!
Ewo, haters are disappointed! Walahi I didn't know it was this bad. I am mad oh and am loving my madness! I never thought the day will come when I'll call my friend a madman but because he understands what being mad is, he will smile,give a high five and say,"we mad bruv"! Hehehe, being mad seems so cool! Our madness is not the common madness you might see everyday,unlike the madman you see on the road(the crazy one with the dreads which were forced upon him by nature) we are out to make a difference! The normal madness comes with a malfunction in the workings of the brain but we the "cool" madmen try to make use of as much of our brains as we can! Being mad like us is trying to make a difference in the little things we do! As a student,a worker, an entrepreneur, being mad is the way forward! A little madness separates my being promoted while others are complaining,my madness makes the contract being awarded to me, a little madness makes my boss give me that extra week off because he is sure when I resume I will cover up and even surpass what the ordinary next person in the office has done!
This madness sha didn't come easy! I only had to accept I am mad after getting into an encounter with a very ignorant bikeman! "You dey mad,talk I go just slap you,which one come be your own if I dey overtake wrongly" he uttered, I stared blankly at him trying as much as possible not to step out of the car in the hold-up and maybe get the hot slap he promised! Then it hit me, yes I am mad,I just made a difference,whether he likes it or not, the next time he wants to overtake, it will occur to him a madman told him there is a way to overtake. It took me madness to know madness! Madness saved my humiliation! I busted yes I am mad and am proud! The lady on the bike turned to stare, and me, fall my own hand? Godforbid, I retorted am mad because I am making a difference! She stared harder then it occurred to her,she was like yes you are mad,we smiled and the traffic warden waved us to pass. A new form of madness was born that moment! The madness we need so much at the moment.
Making a difference,being mad is all I would want to be known for! I hope our government and it's agencies,PHCN especially will go mad! I heard it, you uttered it! Well I hope you take up being mad today!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Have you ever thought why you were called a name? The naming process has been here on earth and dates back as the history of Humans. A name is a means by which one can be identified. It most times go with a positive meaning. Has it occurred to you why your name is your name? ​☺k°‎​,take a moment,ask your self your name and tell your self the meaning, I know mine. Most names are born out of anticipation for a better tomorrow. Just check around you, the number of Muhammed's,Emmanuel's ​☺k°‎​ the new one now seems to be Goodluck is everywhere. So how come people don't call their kids em, Satan(forget the time you were called Satan recently,didn't you behave badly?),Devil,Abacha,Gadaffi,Osama etc? Its true you might want to argue that people go by some of those names,but to you will you rather go by the name? There are different directions taken by different folks and most times,it is meant to paint your name in a very good way! You might be in school to further your education because you want to be called an Engineer not a Mechanic,a Secretary not a Typist, a Physicist or a Nuclear Scientist not a Bomb maker!
Now let's go back to your name, how did you get to accept your name as your name? Why didn't your Parents let you choose your name(right infringement?) It is definite that most times, young people go for "cool" not meaningful names,ask your self what do people call you as your alias! Mine is Nuelnonny, the name Nuel is carved out Emmanuel meaning God is with us and Nonny from Chinonso(its igbo meaning God is nearby). At least, I can try claiming mine is meaningful but what is yours? I know a coolnerd,a don loso ​☺k°‎​ I have to stop mentioning before some people cut my fingers away! I know someone that is heaving a sigh now and saying you just got lucky! Coolnerd, cool but well a nerd can be cool but is the bearer a nerd? That's a question I honestly can't answer! Don Loso! What is Loso, I have tried to get the meaning of this name and here am I asking please if you have an idea what it means, just let me know! Yes it sounds funky though!
As a doctor would you rather be called "quack" or a Medical doctor! Would you not rather be a Senior Advocate than a mere lawyer(even that mere lawyer is a big name oh or try argue your case then you'll see).Everyone will rather have MD(managing director) right next to their name! In the business world,adverts are made with catchy names, names of banks,plazas even churches( am not arguing that churches are businesses). Are they not catchy with their fancy names? Why would you rather bank with a bank with a strong name rather than a micro finance bank you passed on the road but can't even remember the name!
I will have to take my leave now since I have a name to make somewhere else! Please don't go about changing your alias people go by worse, ask Mr I go die!
N.B: The idea of writing about names came after I saw two men feeding each other hard blows because one had the guts to call the other "heediot"(idiot).

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Jos & Me

Jos,Jos,Jos!I can remember the excitement that hit me vividly when I got my admission into The University of Jos! Ah,great day, was so going to be free from my Parents, have a place of my own(even though at home I enjoy relative freedom to do as I please). The Jos I dreamt about was very far from the Jos I met! Even though I was born in Jos and spent the first four(4)years of my life staying there,I could honestly not remember what the town really looked like!
Making matters worse, whenever I was in Jos, I stayed at my Uncle's in the elite part of town. Light,water and the basic essentials of life were readily available. Nothing prepared me for the shock I got when I moved down into town. Looking for a place to stay was just the beginning, "ah, the town is not safe oh", "you can't stay here,its on the boundary" new stories unfolding,the supposed Home of Peace & Tourism was only home to Peace and Tourism on paper! You don't dare follow some roads and well if you turn up in some places, you might as well be history! Tourism,well you dare not follow some roads and the town is relatively unsafe and you are talking tourism? Well I moved to Jos with the intention of having more fun(​☺k°‎​ not forgetting the education part) and read. Basic Infrastructures were a mess, no light,water,gullys on the road,not the normal potholes! What mess have I got myself into? Night-life you can't move because there is no stable transport system infact it was so bad at a point, if you were not home by 6pm,forget about it,better sleep wherever you are!
I got a house,well lacking so many basic amenities(the hostel was so out of question as my first visit made me sick) and moved in! It was a place though far from school was relatively safe! Be careful the bikes you climb(the taxis are death traps, you would count all the threads on the taxi's tyre. Well, I made friends, good and the bad...well the bad does help you oh,bigtime(let's leave that for another day). The town instead of improving, at least we have a government which they say is working but yet the tension in town seems even much more than when I first moved in! Everyday I pray one day,the Jos I dreamt I was coming to will come through!
I came to Jos to "flex,party,explore but most of that been more of a dream than reality!
Let's keep it short!! This is my first...hope seeing you soon! Hehehe