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Saturday, 10 March 2012

My lil' Rant

And they say he sounds like Jay. Ok, if you said he is from Jaytown and that's why you will say so its ok.
I have been listening to music a while now, am opportuned to listen to some real feel good tracks and some of the realest wack you'll ever come across. Thank God most of them do not get uploaded if not na serious danger oh! Some are so bad you will never want to listen to music. So sad someone who calls himself Jaytown's best radio presenter makes it his job to bring such songs to limelight, well after they must have paid! I really don't know what to expect, have you really listened to his show?
Ehen, back to the wack tracks, there was a particular one sent to me all the way from Lagos. Omo if na just because your Papa get money you think you will blow in music at least sound like Davido nah! That 'bros' got swegg and he sounds really nice repeating the same lines, well, even Sonia would confirm that. It was so bad I cried. Yes, it was me literally forcing shit down my ears! You no get Producer abi na wetin? People were really wicked enough to tell you that you are 9ja's fastest rapper. You should have known nah. How come people do not get sarcasm, you can't be Sheldon nah.
The greatest amount of crap I heard sha was during Enigma, Henigmar was a classic sha. From Abeokuta to Zaria,even some stupid boys in Yankee could not make good use of their studio time. I love upcoming acts, well I do have so many friends as upcoming acts but if you no dey sound good, I must tell you oh, kissing arse is not a talent I'll get from staying in Jos. If it is not good, it should NOT be PROMOTED!!!
Thank God plenty wannabes now understand when you say 'I am very busy now'! Please, leave it in your room, a hidden file on your laptop and the beat, well if its any good, give it out to someone who can make use of it. Some of us go buy beat for others, some of us go hype, some of us go hate, its quite unfortunate but some of us go love Kwality! Some of us can also be D'banjs on a Rozay and Lil Issue's track. Meanwhile, its time you really listen to Kwality, he makes Speed and Vic O sound really cool.

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