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Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's a day, a great day, we appreciate someone's love, someone's strength, someone's prayers and dedication, we appreciate our mothers!

Mothers...... WONDERS!!!

Their strength makes us soar, their cries move mountains, their joy brings rain.
The pain,confusion and joy of bringing forth, well only the face of a mother could show! I am thankful for my mother, our mothers,who have been through difficult times and those great moments! Its amazing being a mother and so many of us the younger generation are left to feast on our imagination. I know young girls who can't wait, well, I wish them well and would gladly congratulate you this time next year.
It is well known how desperate some women get just to be called mothers, surgeries, voodoo just to name a few. The sacrifices mothers make, career wise,financially and emotionally for their children. Coming from a broken home, I cannot imagine what I must have put my mother through but am always greeted with a big smile on her face. I know I am nothing without my mother so on days like this, I appreciate my mother and so many other mother figures in my life. I love all my mothers and (((in rozay's voice))) Lord knows they love me more! Yes, I adopt mothers, I can't help it because so many have affected my life positively. I continuously thank God for my mother, and for those who have lost theirs, I know the memories shared can never be replaced.
It is not by right we have(had) mother figures, it is a privilege

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